NFL Office Pool

Version 4.10

Now available for
the 13th consecutive year!

Updated with the 2023
NFL Schedule! 

There is NO FEE to download and use the program again this year. 

However, I do accept donations.  The donations go towards the annual cost of owning edcollins.com, the cost of paying a company to host my server files, the cost of purchasing and upgrading Microsoft Excel, a cup of coffee to help me get through some of these long coding sessions, etc.   :)

I appreciate anything you can afford, even if it's just a few dollars. 
I really, really do appreciate it.  Thank you.

I offer three different donation options; 
PayPal, Cash App,
and Venmo.  

See the details for each at the bottom of this page.

Thank you in advance!

A big thank you to the following 47 people, who sent me a donation last year: 

Adam Peters, Andrew Gromen, Beth Moore, Bo Gatzka, Brenda Carter, Cameron Williamsen, Charles Williamson, Cherie Miller, Christina White, David Rivera, Derek Eby, Duane Barnes, Edwin Algarin, Fred Bonani, Gary Miller, Gary Wagg, Jacob Alburn, Jaime Reyes, Jamie Alvonzo, Jason Yin, Jerry Tubin, Jimmy Jones, John Savage, Jorge Esmeral, Jose De Jesus, Kenneth Eshom, Kerwin Johnson, Kimberly DePiero, Kimberly Dermit, Lonnie Wolfe, Lynn Zima, Mark Brady, Matthew Peek, Melissa Vasquez, Melva Newbrough, Neisha Belle, Nicholas McFarquhar, Paul Gavin, Ramiro Feliciano Garzón Contreras, Raymond Gonzales, Rene Bolling, Ricardo Valenzula, Rosie Bates, Stephanie Rollins, Tim Gates, Tim Putney, William McCann

(Names listed in bold also sent a donation the prior year.)


The download link will be available here, very soon:

2024 NFL Office Pool Calculator version 4.10
  I also have a weekly pick sheet forms you may wish to use:
2024 Excel Pick Sheet Form... with NFL LOGOS

Or use this form, with no NFL logos:  
2024 Excel Pick Sheet Form

(These forms will be available very soon.)


PayPal:  My PayPal address is edwardcollins@yahoo.com.  Click here to go directly to PayPal.  Ideally, after you're logged into PayPal, click the Send Money to Friends or Family link.  If you choose this option (which is perfectly okay) PayPal will not deduct any fees at my end.

Cash App:  I'm also signed up at Square Cash, now known as Cash App.   My $cashtag is $EdwardCollins1961

Venmo:  I'm now also signed up at Venmo. My username is EdwardCollins1961.   (The last four digits of my phone number are 1431 which is sometimes required.)

Thanks in advance for your support!  Enjoy the football season and have fun with your office pool!  Good luck! 

Ed Collins
Southern California


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