Completely manage your weekly NFL Office Pick'em Pool!

After 8 years of offering the program for free, to anyone who wanted a copy,
NFL Office Pool Spreadsheet / Calculator
is no longer free  

Exception:  For their past voluntary contributions,
Virginia Lopez, Kimberly Bradley, Patrick Widdoss, Stephanie Rollins, Joseph Thomas,
and a few others I'll make an exception for.   Please contact me directly for a free copy.

If you contributed anything at all last year, the cost of the program is just
If you contributed anything at all two years ago, the cost of the program is
Otherwise, the cost of the program is
$20.00.  (After Week 4 I'll reduce this to $15.00, which seems fair.)
(Update:  After Week 8, I'll further reduce the cost to $10.00, since the season will essentially be half over.)

You can download a 2019 Weekly Pick Sheet Form.


Ed's NFL Office Pool Spreadsheet / Calculator
version 3.1

is an Excel spreadsheet, using Visual Basic macros! 

Your PC must, of course, have a copy of Excel on it,
and you must be able to run Excel macros to use the program.

(Note:  I know of no Excel phone app that DOES run macros.)

Wow, can you believe it?
This program/spreadsheet is eight years old this year!
Where does the time go?

You now have the ability to IMPORT everyone's picks!

There is now no need to enter them manually.  If you manage a large office pool, it might be very desirable to import all picks.  The calculator understands the weekly pick sheet form available above.  (Update!  And now with Version 3.17, it is capable of understanding other formats too.)

Send out this Excel form to each participant and have them fill it out and send it back to you.  Save each form in the same folder.  Save each week in a different folder.  (So you might have a Week 1 folder, a Week 2 folder, etc.)

After clicking the new IMPORT button from the Player_Picks worksheet tab, the calculator will ask you to select a folder.

That's it!  It will read all of the weekly pick sheet forms found in the folder you selected, and import them automatically into your calculator!


Program Features!

  • After entering everyone's picks, the calculator then does the rest!  It will automatically determine the winner of your pool for you!  No more manual calculations!

  • The program will automatically generate a cross-reference chart, indicating exactly how many games each player picked differently from everyone else!  No other spreadsheet or online service has this feature!

  • At the click of a button, the program will automatically download the NFL scores for you!  You can also set the winners of each game yourself, and play "What if this team had won instead?"

  • As each winning team is determined, the calculator will automatically determine which players are still alive and which players are mathematically eliminated!  No other spreadsheet or online service has this feature!

  • The calculator now has the ability to import picks from an Excel Pick Sheet Form.  If you manage a large office pool, this feature may be desirable.

  • The calculator supports "regular" pools and pools that use Confidence Points!  

  • The program supports pools that use the NFL pointspread!

  • The calculator supports a full schedule of the 16 weekly games or a smaller subset!  (Your office pool doesn't have to use the Thursday evening game, for example.)

  • At the request of several users, a running total of prior week's scores are kept!

  • There are many options to customize the program to your own personal taste!

  • An entire season of weekly pick sheet forms are included!


Necessity is the
Mother of Invention

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