Whoo hoo!   Beginning its 9th year!
NFL Office Pool Calculator/Workbook
Version 3.85
An Excel workbook using Visual Basic macros, to manage your weekly NFL Office Pick'em Pool!

All set up and ready to go for 2020!


Your PC must, of course, have a copy of Excel on it,
and you must be able to run Excel macros to use the program.

(Note:  I'm not aware of any Excel phone app that supports macros.)




Be sure to edit the NFL_Schedule worksheet tab for Week #7 and Week #8.
Pittsburgh is now playing the Tennessee Titans in Week #7 and the Baltimore Ravens in Week #8 .

(Reminder:  The Monday Night game is always the last game listed in each week in that tab. 
The program uses the score in that last game as the tie breaker.


If you purchased a copy of the program last year, that version will work this year too. 
There is
no need to purchase it again.  All you have to do is update the NFL_Schedule worksheet tab with this year's NFL Schedule, and change 2019 to 2020 in the User_Options worksheet tab.

Further clarification here.

However, if you purchased the program last year and don't wish to update last year's schedule yourself, and would like a copy of the latest version, along with two different weekly pick'em entry form workbooks for the 2020 season, the cost of the program is
$10.00.   I'll send it out to you the same day I receive payment. (If you don't see it, check your spam box!)

If you have never purchased the program or have not donated in the past few years, the cost of the workbook is the same as last year...

(For the first seven years, the workbook was completely free! 
All contributions were voluntary.)

For their generous contributions in the past, the latest version is free for:

Jared Wiener, Virginia Lopez, Hector Moreno,
Gilbert Casillas, Mark Brady, Joe Thomas,
and Stephanie Rollins


Program Features!

  • After entering the selections for everyone in your office pool, the calculator then does the rest!  At the click of a button it will download the NFL scores for you and automatically determine the winner of your pool!  No more manual calculations!  It will save the results from week to week, for those who wish to keep a running total, for simply for bragging rights.   

  • The program will also automatically generate a cross-reference chart, indicating exactly how many games each player picked differently from everyone else!  No other spreadsheet or online service has this feature!

  • You can also easily play "what if?"  Who would have won the pool if this team had won instead of that team?

  • As just a few of the winning teams are determined, the calculator will automatically determine which players are still alive and which players are mathematically eliminated!  No other spreadsheet or online service has this feature!

  • The calculator now has the ability to import picks from Excel pick sheet Forms.  If you manage a large office pool, this feature may be desirable.  You won't have to enter their picks manually into the program!

  • The calculator supports "regular" pools and pools that use Confidence Points!  

  • The program supports pools that use (or ignore) the NFL pointspread!

  • The calculator supports a full schedule of the 16 weekly games or a smaller subset!  (Your office pool doesn't have to use the Thursday evening game, for example.)

  • At the request of several users, a running total of prior week's scores are kept!

  • There are many options to customize the program to your own personal taste!

  • Two different weekly pick sheet forms, for all 17 weeks of the NFL season, are included!



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