Ed's Pigskin Pick'em
Weekly NFL Office Pool
Page last updated on 9/6/2014

Anyone can enter!

Note that NO fees are taken out! 
100% of the Prize Fund
is returned to the winner!

How This Pool Works

Each participant will fill out a pick sheet by marking the NFL teams they think will win each game straight up.  "Straight up" means the NFL point spread is not considered.  Be sure to enter your tie-breaker score on the pick sheet along with your chosen nickname. 

The winner is the player with the most games picked correctly.

The tie-breaker score is only used if two or more players are tied with the same number of games picked correctly after all of the games have been played.  Your tie-breaker score is your prediction of the total points scored by both teams in the Monday Night game.  (For Week 17, since there is no Monday Night game, the Sunday Night game will be used.) 

Note: this isn't The Price is Right.  You can guess more than the total points scored without it hurting you.  Example:  After the Monday Night game has been played, you and I are tied with the same number of wins.  A total of 47 points were scored in the Monday Night game.  You guessed 48 total points would be scored and I guessed 45 points.  You win.  Yes, you're over the total, but that doesn't matter.  You're off by just one point while I'm off by three points.

As the number of participants grows, I'll probably take a vote to see how many players would prefer the prize fund divided up into a 1st Place and 2nd Place prize.  (An 80-20 split or a 70-30 split or something like that.) 

All entry fees received are paid back to the winners!  There is no percentage fee taken out!   All winnings are paid back via PayPal.

All picks received are posted here prior to the first game, for everyone to view/download.  No late picks are ever accepted after the picks have been posted.


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