Ed's Pigskin Pick'em
Weekly NFL Office Pool
Page last updated on 9/6/2014

Anyone can enter!

Note that NO fees are taken out! 
100% of the Prize Fund
is returned to the winner!

How To Play

  Download the current week's Excel pick sheet form.  Using the form, mark your selections for each game (with an X) in the blue boxes provided.  Enter a Monday Night Football tie-breaker score in the space provided.  Enter your desired contest nickname.  Optionally, answer the weekly survey question. 

(2)  Save the Excel file and then e-mail it back to me prior to the weekly deadline.

(If you don't have Excel, you can open the Excel pick sheet form in OpenOffice and save the file as an Excel file.  A third alternative is to submit your picks to me by e-mail by attaching an ASCII text file in the proper format.  Please see the FAQs for further details.)

(3)  Pay your entry fee via PayPal prior to the weekly deadline.  Currently, the weekly entry fee for each player is $10.00 and the deadline is Saturday night at 9:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

That's it!


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