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Weekly NFL Office Pool
Page last updated on 12/27/2014

Anyone can enter!

Note that NO fees are taken out! 
100% of the Prize Fund
is returned to the winner!


Results of Weekly Survey Questions


Question Results
2014 - Week 1
Would you prefer it if a 2nd Place prize was awarded, say something like a 75-25 or 80-20 split?  (yes or no)
All 11 players responded to the survey question.

8 player's responded NO and 3 players responded YES

One of the players who responded with a NO indicated they would like prefer some type of a split only if there were 30 or more players. 

One of the players who responded with a YES indicated a 60-40 split.

I plan on asking this question again after we get a bunch of other players, but as of now we clearly will not split up the pot.
2014 - Week 2
Would you prefer it if this pool used Confidence Points?  (yes or no)
All 14 players responded to the survey question.

7 player's responded NO and 7 players responded YES.  (A 50-50 split.)
2014 - Week 3
Would you prefer a different entry fee?  If so, enter your preferred fee:
14 of the 16 players responded to the survey question.

2 player's responded YES, with a response of $5.00 and $20.00 One player responded YES with no amount listed.  11 players responded NO.
2014 - Week 4
What's your preferred range for the number of weekly players?  (Example answers: 20-40 or 30-60.)
Over 3/4 of the players preferred a range of players between 20-40.  One player responded, "the more the better." A few players preferred something closer to 15-20 players.
2014 - Week 5 thru Week 17
(No survey question)


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