Ed's Poker Book Collection
Last update and revision:  February 11, 2022


Below is a photograph of my collection of poker books.  I have 240 different titles. 

I'm very proud of this collection.  (Although I'm even more proud of my 625+ chess book collection!)

I first began reading and collecting poker books in the mid-to-late 1970s.  This is when I first started playing poker with my high school classmates.  We'd often play after school and on weekends.  I'd often use the money I won to purchase a new poker book.  Even at that age I loved playing poker, reading about poker, studying poker, etc.

Although one or two of the books in my collection can be considered "new" and can be found in bookstores today, most of the titles are long out of print, and can only be found in used bookstores or online merchants that sell used books. 

The photos below show most of them.  (They do not show the books I purchased in early April, 2020.  When I take new photos I'll replace these.)

Click on each of the three photos below for a larger and more detailed view.

Here's a link to the list of the books.  The link is a PDF file.
The list contains the book title, the name of the author, the copyright date,
the number of pages, and whether the book is a hardback or a paperback.

If you think the above list is extensive, here's a 16-year-old list of 600+ poker books!