I've been a fan of puzzles, brain teasers, logic problems, etc., just about my whole life and I'm very happy that I can share some of my favorites here with you via this medium.

Most of these are not that difficult at all. What I mean by that is, there are logic problems and there are logic problems!! Many large logic puzzles literally take hours to solve... and require you to use one of those cross-grid type charts... almost a necessity in solving those problems. Those types of puzzles can be a lot of fun... but the puzzles that you will find here are not that type at all. For the most part these puzzles and logic problems require, at the most, a very simple chart or even none at all.

If you enjoy solving these types of things then you're in for a treat! I suggest making a copy of each page and solving them off-line. The next time that you sign on, you can check back here to verify your answers.



Problems 1 - 10
  • How Old Are Mary's Kids?
  • The Woman With Two Children
  • The Path to Freedom
  • Who Had What For Lunch?
  • The Five Pens
  • The Jelly Bean Hunt
  • The Three Playing Cards
  • The Money and the Hats
  • Saturday Night Poker
  • A MasterMind Puzzle (1)
Problems 11 - 20
  • A $4.55 Puzzle
  • Adam's Poker Hand
  • Detective Chess (1)
  • Detective Chess (2)
  • Scrabble Words (1)
  • Scrabble Words (2)
  • Lock Block
  • The Six Poker Hands
  • My Opponent's Poker Hand
  • The Man in the Portrait

Problems 21 - 30
  • The Prisoners and the Hats
  • The Three Suspects
  • The Three Switches
  • The Combs in the Hats
  • The Girls, the Balls, and the Boxes
  • A MasterMind Puzzle (2)
  • Four Gallons of Water
  • Find the Fake Coins
  • The Balanced Family
  • The Three Coins



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