Havannah Helper
Edward D. Collins


Coming Soon! 
The next version will handle all board sizes from base-4 thru base-10!
(The current version only supports base-8 and base-10.)


Current Version:  1.03

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Havannah Helper is a program I wrote that will allow you to load Havannah games, page forward and backward through the game, and to examine possible lines and variations.

Havannah Helper is a 32-bit Windows program and thus requires Windows 95 or later to run.  (Windows 98, XP, Vista, etc.)  It also requires a minimum resolution of 1,024 by 768.

Current features:  

  • Automatic loading of any Havannah game played at Little Golem
  • The ability to load a game played at It's Your Turn by cutting and pasting the move notation
  • Move forward and backward through the game
  • Animate an entire game - view entire games with no keyboard or mouse clicks
  • Try different lines and variations

There are many items on my To DO list... check back regularly for updates!


You can download the program here.    This file, called extract-havannah.exe, is a self-extracting zip file.  Simply save this file to your own computer and then run this file to extract the program files from the archive.  

Once the files are extracted, you should have a total of six files in your folder:

The havannah-helper.exe file is the executable file you need to run.  
(The other five files must be present in this same folder.)


Version 1.03
  • Added the ability to click on any move in the notation move list and immediately go to that position in the game.
  • When pasting games from memory, a CTRL-V (paste) keystroke is no longer required. The program now automatically will paste any games it finds in the Windows clipboard onto the screen.
  • Minor documentation coding fix.

Version .90

  • Added the ability to review/analyze a base-10 Havannah game.
  • Added logic to incorporate the swap rule for reviewing previously played games and when starting a new game.
  • Increased the number of games an eventual database will hold to 10,000.
  • Reduced the size and location of the VCR-buttons. (They were too large for the new base-10 board.)
  • Relocated the Little Golem Game Number Box. (It didn't fit in the old location on the new base-10 board.)
  • Removed the entire code to load a Little Golem game via a command-line switch.
  • The buttons used to page forward and backward in the documentation files now only appear when needed.
  • Redesigned the Coordinate Toggle Button.
  • Cleaned up a few pixels in both the white and black stones bitmaps.
  • Added the ability to read the documentation file using different fonts.
  • Recoded the logic for entering a Little Golem Game Number.
  • Eliminated the need for the 'empty-hex' bitmap.
  • Eliminated the need for the 'last played stones' bitmaps.
  • Recompiled the program with the latest version (5.01) of PowerBASIC's Console Compiler.


Version .85

  • Further cleaned up the STOP and GO buttons.
  • Fixed a glitch introduced in .74. (Coordinate button.)
  • Added a small indicator arrow to the bottom of each documentation page, if there are additional pages to read.
  • Began the Load a Game and Option screens.
  • Minor code clean-up.

Version .74

  • Added a work-around to fix a bug in the PBCC Compiler. Previously, when the mouse scroll wheel was moved, the program ended immediately! This is now fixed. (Thanks Bill.)
  • Rewrote the code that accepted the Little Golem Game Number. (Replaced Line Input with Inkey$.)
  • Fixed a potential bug if an invalid game number was entered in the Golem Box.
  • Cleaned up the STOP and GO buttons.

Version: .70

  • Initial Beta-test Version


Comments?  Suggestions for updates?  Questions?  Bug Reports?

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