DIE HARD is a Christmas movie!



Below are 20 reasons that help to confirm why "Die Hard" is indeed a Christmas movie:

The basic narrative situation of "Die Hard" is a man returning to his family for Christmas.

2. It's set at Christmas Eve. Furthermore, it takes place during a holiday office party.

3. It has Christmas music.  The "Die Hard" soundtrack is loaded with Christmas songs.  Winter Wonderland, Let it Snow!, Christmas in Hollis, and Ode to Joy are all on the soundtrack and make appearances in one form or another in the film.

4. John’s wife, Holly, has a Christmas-y name.  She could have been named Molly or Polly, but no, she’s named after the quintessential Christmas plant.

5. Santa Claus makes an appearance.

6. It has nearly two dozen different Christmas references.  (Exactly 21 according to stephenfollows.com)

7. It has a Grinch. (Hans Gruber)

8. Hans Gruber explicitly invokes the Christmas spirit: It’s Christmas, Theo, it’s a time for miracles.

9. In 2017, the screenwriter, Stephen E. de Souza, said it is, via a tweet from his personal account.

10. Director John McTiernan confirmed it is. ("We hadn't intended it to be a Christmas movie," the director told the AFI, "but the joy that came from it is what turned it into a Christmas movie.")

11. A woman about to give birth features prominently.

12. There are gifts involved.  First we see McClane carrying a large teddy bear, a gift most likely for his daughter Lucy.  Later, Sgt. Al Powell buys snack cakes for his pregnant wife at a convenience store. Holly was given a Rolex watch as a company present.  Finally, FBI gifts Hans Gruber with exactly what he wanted... access to the Nakatomi vault by shutting off a local power grid.

13. It has a jolly fat man, Sgt. Al Powell.

14. The film values family and the spirit of friendship over greed and materialism - a solid Christmas message!

15. It's become a Christmas movie simply by tradition.  Millions of Americans now watch “Die Hard” on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day every year!  According to a 2017 press release from DISH Network, 2.4 million Americans watched "Die Hard" during the 2016 Christmas season and 1.3 million of those were on Christmas Eve.  That beat out traditional holiday favorites "Home Alone," "Miracle on 34th Street," and "The Santa Clause."

16.  Wikipedia includes it in their list of Christmas films.

17.  Christmas wrapping tape is a crucial prop.  The climax of the story is the showdown between John McClane and Hans Gruber, and Christmas wrapping tape is crucial to how this plays out.

18. Much like Joseph and Mary, John McClane was a weary traveler.

19.  In December 2018, 20th Century Studios released a special "Die Hard - Christmas Edition" 4K DVD, including a recut of the trailer.  You can view that wonderful trailer here:

20.  Argyle, the limo driver (De'voreaux White) confirms it, with his final line:  If this is your idea of Christmas, I gotta be here for New Years. 

Not only is it a Christmas movie, "Die Hard" is the greatest Christmas movie of all time!  "Welcome to the party, pal."


The following sites obviously agree.  They all include "Die Hard" in their ranking of the best Christmas movies of all time:

The Internet Movie Database ranks it #2 of 100

TimeOut ranks it #2 of 50

Entertainment Weekly ranks it #16 of 20

Rotten Tomatoes ranks it #11 of 100

Empire ranks it #1 out of 30

USA Today ranks it at #7 of 20

Forbes ranks it at #13 of 20

Vulture ranks it #7 of 50

Collider ranks it #2 of 50

Good Housekeeping ranks it #17 of 75

Buzz Feed ranks it #38 of 50

The Guardian ranks it #15 of 25

IndieWire ranks it #17 of 31

Cosmopolitan ranks it #5 of 95

Paste Magazine ranks it #10 of 35

Huffpost ranks it #8 of 20

Stacker lists it without ranking any of them

The Cut lists it without ranking any of them

WRAL News lists it without ranking any of them