"...Puzzle enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this challenging game."


"...we loved CyberBox!..."

"...Thank you very much for your splendid CyberBox game...

I liked the well-thought-out
design of the game...

Congrats on putting a solid game together..."

- Erik Hermansen
(author of D.R.O.D.)

"One of the most original-- but sadly unknown-- puzzlers ever made, freeware or otherwise, The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox is a great Sokoban variant that is very innovative and ingenious. Based on 1991's CyberBox, Edward Collins' version is a far superior and much more addictive than the original."

- Home of the Underdogs



I've been selling copies of my
Continuing Adventures of CyberBox
puzzle game for almost 17 years!

I've decided to end the madness and now offer the deluxe version for free!

The deluxe version currently contains 150 different puzzles,
extra cursor images, extra box images, etc!



What is CyberBox?

The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox
is a thought-provoking puzzle game!

Your mission is to escape from each of the 15 rooms presented in each volume in as few moves as possible. You'll accomplish this by correctly utilizing and manipulating the various types of boxes placed throughout the maze. The boxes could be Pushers, Zappers, Movers, Pullers, or Selectors and as the names suggest, they move in very specific ways.

The puzzles may be solved consecutively or you may jump from room to room. The program keeps track of which rooms have been solved and the number of moves it took to solve each one.

A number of handy features include Instant Replay which plays back all of your moves, a Retry option which starts you over from the beginning of the room, a Take Back option to take back a move, and a Save Your Current Position option, to easily return to a previously saved position.

Other features let your set game colors,
animation speed, cursor images, box images, and more!

A room editor is included if you wish to create your own puzzle!




The latest version (7.61) of
The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox
can be

downloaded here.


It is "zipped up" and will require
PKUNZIP or WinZip or WinRAR
(or something equivalent)
to extract the files from the archive.


If you don't have an
extraction program
here is a

self-extracting copy.




After downloading the file, simply create a directory (folder) anywhere
on your hard drive, and unzip (extract) the files to this directory. 

Alas, CyberBox program was written almost 18+ years ago!
In order to play the game today, you will probably also
have to download a wonderful little utility call DOSBox.

DosBOX emulates the old DOS system,
and enables the game to run
with today's software and hardware!



Quick directions:

1)  Download my CyberBox puzzle game.
2)  Unzip the CyberBox files from the archive to a folder of your choice.
3)  Download the DOSBox emulator program, from their website.
4)  Unzip the DOSBox files from the archive to a folder of your choice.

After downloading and installing DOSBox:

1)  Run the DOSBox program.  Type mount <desired drive letter> <cyberbox path>
2)  Then change to that drive and path and type
ca-cyber to run the program.

Example:  Assume you've already downloaded and installed DOSBox.  Run this program.  You'll see the familiar DOS cursor.  Further assume you've already downloaded and unzipped my CyberBox game in a folder called c:\games\cyberbox.

Type mount x c:\games\cyberbox

This will emulate the DOS system on a semi-virtual "x" drive with all of the files that are in your c:\games\cyberbox folder!

That's it!  While in the DosBox window, simply change to the new virtual folder (cd x:) and then type ca-cyber to launch my CyberBox game!




Here's a small list of some
of the
I've received from others who
have enjoyed CyberBox over the
past few years.
For those of you that already
have a copy, feel free to browse
revisions page for a
list of the recent changes and
updates I've made since the
version you may have.
Here is the documentation file,
presented for the first time in HTML format.
Here's a chart showing the
enhancements, features,
and differences from Doug's 1991
CyberBox game.
Here's a
list of each of the existing rooms
and the known shortest known
number of moves
it takes to solve each puzzle.
You had to guess I'd have
a few
The story of how I
came to write

The Continuing Adventures
of CyberBox.


Miscellaneous CyberBox
tidbits and trivia!



Here's a zipped up copy of

Doug Beeferman's original
1991 CyberBox game!

Here's a zipped up copy of

Doug Beeferman's 1992 sequel - CyberBox II

(This is the game I didn't care for.
This is the game that
encouraged me to
write my own version, and
go back to something
similar to the original format.

In 1996 I began corresponding via e-mail with Petr Simon, a young man from the Czech Republic. Petr also enjoyed CyberBox enough to write his own version!

Here it is, available
for the first time!
CyberBox Forever!

In 1999, ZDNet listed CyberBox in their list of the
100 most popular freeware games from their site!  Whoo hoo!


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