Ed's Blackjack Book Collection
Last update and revision: August, 2020

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1 101 Ways To Win At Blackjack Tom Hagen
2 1536 Free Waters and other Blackjack Endeavors Glen Wiggy
3 A Book on Casino Blackjack C. Ionescu Tulcea
4 Archer Method of Winning at 21, The John Archer
5 Basic Blackjack Stanford Wong
6 Beat Multiple Deck Blackjack Marten Jensen
7 Beat The Dealer - A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty One Edward O. Thorp
8 Betting On Blackjack Frits Dunki-Jacobs
9 Big Book of Blackjack, The Arnold Snyder
10 Big Player, The Ken Uston
11 Blackbelt in Blackjack - Playing 21 as a Martial Art (First Edition) Arnold Snyder
12 Blackbelt in Blackjack - Playing 21 as a Martial Art (Third Edition) Arnold Snyder
13 Blackjack - A Winner's Handbook Jerry L. Patterson
14 Blackjack - Your Way to Riches Richard Albert Canfield
15 Blackjack Attack - Playing The Pros' Way Don Schkesinger
16 Blackjack Autumn Barry Meadow
17 Blackjack Bluebook II - the Simplest Winning Strategies Ever Published! Fred Renzey
18 Blackjack Blueprint, The Rick "Night Train" Blaine
19 Blackjack Card Counting - How to be a Professional Gambler Greg Elder
20 Blackjack Essays Mason Malmuth
21 Blackjack For Blood (revised edition) Bryce Carlson
22 Blackjack Life, The Nathaniel Tilton
23 Blackjack Strategy Michael Benson
24 Blackjack The Smart Way Richard Harvey
25 Blackjack's Winning Formula Jerry L. Patterson
26 Breakthrough in Blackjack Marvin G. Lindemann
27 Bringing Down The House Ben Mezrich
28 Burning the Tables in Las Vegas Ian Andersen
29 Busting Vegas - The MIT Whiz Kid who Brought the Casinos to their Knees Ben Mezrich
30 Color of Blackjack, The Daniel Dravot
31 Complete Book Of Blackjack, The T. J. Reynolds
32 Count Me In Al Simon
33 Cutting Edge Blackjack Richard Harvey
34 Down For Double Raleigh James
35 Dummy Up and Deal - The Ups and Downs of 21 Dealers Lee Solkey
36 Easy Money Blackjack - The Ultimate Blackjack Betting System Bill Browne
37 Gambling Times Guide to Blackjack, The Stanley Roberts
38 Get The Edge At Blackjack John May
39 How To Win At Blackjack Charles Einstein
40 I Am A Card Counter Frank Scoblette
41 Ken Uston on Blackjack - The Adventures of the King of "21" Ken Uston
42 Knock Out Blackjack - The Easiest Card-Counting System Ever Devised Olaf Vancura, Ph.D. & Ken Fuchs
43 Million Dollar Blackjack Ken Uston
44 Modern Blackjack - Volume I Norm Wattenberger
45 Modern Blackjack - Volume II Norm Wattenberger
46 Modern Card Counting Cris Statz
47 New Ways To Win More At Blackjack Richard Harvey
48 Play Blackjack like the Pros Kevin Blackwood
49 PlayBoy's Guide To Casino Gambling - Volume Two: Blackjack Edwin Silberstang
50 Playing Blackjack as a Business - A Textbook on Blackjack Lawrence Revere
51 Playing Blackjack in Atlantic City C.R. Chambliss / T.C. Roginski
52 Powerful Profits From Blackjack Victor H. Royer
53 Prince of Darkness: The World of High Stakes Blackjack Carl Sampson
54 Professional Blackjack Stanford Wong
55 Progression Blackjack Donald Dahl
56 Sklansky Talks Blackjack David Sklansky
57 The Everything Blackjack Strategy Book Tom Hagen & Sonia Weiss
58 Theory of Blackjack, The Peter A. Griffin
59 Turning the Tables on Las Vegas Ian Andersen
60 Twenty-first Century Blackjack Walter Thomason
61 Two Books on Blackjack Ken Uston
62 Ultimate Edge, The Mark Billings
63 Ultimate Blackjack Book -  Playing Blackjack with Multiple Decks, The Edward Early
64 Winning Blackjack Lyman Hall, Ph.D.
65 Winning Blackjack For The Serious Player Edwin Silberstang
66 Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter Avery D. Cardoza
67 Women's Guide To Blackjack, A Angie Marshall
68 World's Greatest Blackjack Book, The Lance Humble, Ph.D. / Carl Cooper, Ph.D.