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I've been playing chess on the Internet for more than nine years. During that time I've played over 6,000 rated games and probably several thousand unrated games. (That's nothing... many, many people I know have played a lot more than that!)

Several years ago, the chess "interface" I had been using had been a DOS based program called ZIICS, written by Andy McFarland. I felt it was superior to any of the dozens of other chess interfaces I had tried. In fact, every few months or so I would take the time to re-test and re-evaluate some of these others and each time I found I still preferred ZIICS. After seeing a website with a screenshot of ZIICS that I didn't think gave the program any justice at all, I put together a little "tribute" to the ZIICS interface of my own, which can be found here.


However, a few years ago all that changed... I switched interfaces. Thus, I feel it is only appropriate I now put together a little tribute to my current interface of choice...

WinBoard 4.2.7
Chessboard for Windows


Please note the ideal place to find out more about this program is not here... go straight to the source! Although WinBoard has had many contributors, Tim Mann is the primary author of the program and the latest version of WinBoard can be downloaded from his homepage.

This page is only meant as a supplement to both his site and his documentation files.


Here's the main section. It contains many screen captures and mentions many of the features and capabilities of the program

Here are some tips on
configuring WinBoard
to suit your own personal taste.

Is WinBoard perfect? Alas, no.
But then again, what program is?)
Here's my
WinBoard Wish List!

Here's a comparison of features between WinBoard and the now rather old DOS version of ZIICS. At the time, I put this together for a few of my friends who were still using ZIICS.

Bug Reports

Let me know what you think 
of this WinBoard tribute.

Here are some
comments I've received
from others.


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