Chess on Jeopardy!


I've been a fan of the TV game show "Jeopardy" for many, many years and, being a chess fan, have always hoped that one day I would see an entire category on the show devoted to chess.

For years and years I waited and watched and watched and waited. At one point I can recall that I felt like writing to the producers of the show to suggest a chess category. I was even planning on supplying them with possible questions!

Finally, on June 21, 1999, it happened... an entire category about chess. I wasn't even home at the time and would have completely missed it if it weren't for my mom. She had the television on and as soon as she heard Alex mention that chess was one of the categories, she rushed over to the TV and popped in the first video cassette in sight! She didn't even take the time to see if this cassette was one that she wanted to write over! She knew that I would love to see the questions and answers for any type of a chess category and she wasn't about to take the time to see what was on the tape.

Thanks Mom!

Below are the actual questions and answers from the show.
This category occurred during the first round of jeopardy and,
in my opinion, are not difficult at all.

Simply move your mouse over each image to reveal the "answer" and
then click on the image to reveal the "question."

It happened again! Another chess category appeared, this time on the Wednesday, May 17, 2000 telecast.

The questions and answers on the left are from the June 21, 1999 telecast and the questions and answers on the right are from May 17, 2000 telecast.