Chess - The New Gambling Sensation?

Betting on chess is nothing new. Back in the 18th and 19th century, chess handicaps were a popular way to level the playing field so that weaker players had a chance at beating their stronger counterparts; with people lining up to wager on the winner.

Fast forward a couple hundred years and, while people still enjoy betting on chess, it’s still not on most gamblers’ radar….that is, until now. Some clever minds in the gambling industry have decided to thrust chess back into the limelight, and are offering exciting new ways to play and bet. So could it be that chess is set to become the new gambling sensation? Let’s find out…

Why chess?
The game of chess has been played as far back as the 6th century and is believed to have originated in India, before gaining popularity in Europe in the 10th century. It is still considered to be one of the greatest games to master and, as such, has always remained a firm favorite among game players.

Being good at chess is considered a mark of high intelligence, as there is no luck involved whatsoever; it’s all down to strategy and skill. Poker, for example, is known for being a skill-based game, however, the selection of cards the player receives is random. Chess always starts with the exact same pieces in exactly the same position, eliminating the elements of chance and luck.

Chess’ popularity has never waned and, as such, you can find the classic game and tons of variations available to play online for free or for money.

Where to play chess online

There are plenty of sites around, some of which have been going almost as long as we’ve had the Internet! To play the classic game of chess, check out these websites: boasts over 28m users and you can play live chess with opponents across the world. Free basic membership with paid premium features. huge base of members, live chess 24 hours a day, chances to play titled chess players over live stream. Free basic membership with paid premium features.

Free Internet Chess Server (FICS): an old site, popular with die-hard chess players, FICS is completely free to use but you’ll need to download a compatible interface onto your computer or laptop in order to play.

Fun chess variations
With chess having moved online, there’s no end to the versions you can play. If you like classic chess but want to move away from the traditional rules, you can find loads of fun variations on game sites and online casinos. However, if you do decide to visit an online casino and want advice on how to make sure you’re visiting legitimate sites, go to before diving into the online gambling world.

Some great chess-hybrid games to explore are:

Fortress Chess: a 4-player variant on the classic game, Fortress Chess lets you play in 2 pairs, where you have to work together with your partner to defeat the opposing 2 players.

Chess Slots: chess-inspired slot machine games found on online casinos. Popular versions include Chess Round, Chess Mate and Treasure Chess.

Take-It Chess: this one will mess with your brain, but it’s super fun. Instead of trying to take your opponent’s pieces, the aim of Take-It Chess is to lose all of yours first! A crazy, backwards-version of the classic game.

FischerRandom: a computerized version where all the pieces are the same as usual, but before the game begins the computer randomizes the starting point of each piece. With 960 possible starting positions, this is an incredibly complex and exciting game.