If you purchased the workbook in 2019, that version will work this year too.  You can save $10 and use it again.  All you have to do is...

1)  Change 2019 to 2020 in the User_Options worksheet tab, in the row that ask you which year you wish to download scores from.

2)  Replace the entire 2019  NFL Schedule with this year's schedule in the NFL_Schedule worksheet tab.  Replace each of the teams using the same 2 or 3 letter abbreviation.

That's it!  If the program worked for you last year, it will work again.  There is nothing else specifically written for 2019 that won't work in 2020.  

Of course, you will also have to create your own weekly pick sheet forms.  The two that I've created this year (one of them with just one tab and the other has 17 different tabs) I'm offering to those who purchase the program.  But that is also very easy and you can use the pick sheet form I sent last year as your template... just replace the teams with the 2020 schedule.

Please note that when downloading scores with last year's version, you might have to set the score of the Las Vegas Raiders games manually!   The workbook might not recognize the "Las Vegas" Raiders properly and if so, it won't find that game.  Last year, of course, the Las Vegas Raiders were known as the Oakland Raiders.  Last year I was aware of the upcoming change and I attempted to code for it... but of course I couldn't test it.

You can always toggle the chosen winner yourself, and edit the score yourself.


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