NFL Office Pool
Spreadsheet / Calculator

Version 3.11

Now available for
the 7th straight year!

with the 2018
NFL Schedule!



This year, for the first time, this calculator / workbook is shareware.   Try it before you buy it.


This Excel spreadsheet is being distributed as shareware!  Shareware means you are free to try it before you buy it.

Download it for free.  If you like the program and use it, please support my efforts by sending me a small donation, of whatever you can afford, even if it's just a few dollars.  (I will probably use that donation to support my coffee habit!)

If you don't like the program, or it doesn't fit your needs, simply delete it from your computer.

Note: The version available for download is NOT crippled in any way.  It would have been very easy for me to code it to only support, for example, a month's worth of games and require you to pay for the full version.  I decided not to do that.

All donators will get preferred treatment in regards to their suggestions for improvements, bug fixes, discounts on any future versions, etc.

My PayPal address is edwardcollins@yahoo.com.  Click here to go directly to PayPal.  Ideally, after you're logged into PayPal, click the Send Money to Friends or Family link.  If you choose this option (which is perfectly okay) PayPal will not deduct any fees at my end.

I'm now also signed up at Square Cash.  My $cashtag is $EdwardCollins1961.

I'm now also signed up a Venmo. My username is EdwardCollins1961.

Thanks in advance for your support!  Enjoy the football season and have fun with your pool!

Ed Collins
Southern California


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