NFL Office Pool
Spreadsheet / Calculator

Version 3.18

Now available for
the 8th straight year!

with the 2019
NFL Schedule!




My PayPal address is edwardcollins@yahoo.com.  Click here to go directly to PayPal.  Ideally, after you're logged into PayPal, click the Send Money to Friends or Family link.  If you choose this option (which is perfectly okay) PayPal will not deduct any fees at my end.

I'm now also signed up at Square Cash, now apparently known as Cash App.   My $cashtag is $EdwardCollins1961.

I'm now also signed up a Venmo. My username is EdwardCollins1961.

I'll e-mail the workbook to you, attached to an e-mail, later that evening, after receiving payment. 

Thanks in advance for your support!  Enjoy the football season and have fun with your office pool!

Ed Collins
Southern California


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